Grantsburg Motorcycle Insurance – Free Quote & FAQ

April 24, 2023

When the open road calls, be ready with the right motorcycle insurance coverage in Grantsburg. Whether you already have a motorcycle and are looking for new insurance coverage, or if you are close to buying one, finding the right coverage for you and your summer ride is just as important as picking out the right leather chaps. Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you get prepared for that wind-in-your-face freedom, all year long! 

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Grantsburg?
Riders with a loan on their new bike are required to carry full coverage, but even if you do own it outright, you’ll still need to carry liability insurance at the very least. The state of Wisconsin requires bodily injury and property damage liability with limits of 25/50/10 or greater.

Full coverage versus liability – what do these mean?
Full coverage insurance and liability insurance in the motorcycle world are very similar to auto insurance. Liability coverage will cover bodily injury and property damage to others in an accident where you are at-fault. If your motorcycle is paid off, this is a low-cost option to make sure you have some coverage, but remember, you are personally responsible for any damages above and beyond what your liability insurance covers, and for any damage to your own motorcycle. Low-cost doesn’t always mean low-cost in the end. 

Full coverage insurance is required if you have a loan on your motorcycle and highly recommended if you cannot afford to repair or replace your bike if damaged or stolen. Full coverage insurance usually covers collision, comprehensive AND liability – covering accidents both on and off the road. Get a free quote at Jensen-Sundquist in Grantsburg.

Is safety equipment and optional equipment covered with motorcycle insurance?
Helmets, gloves, and other clothing designed to minimize injury while riding your motorcycle may be covered. This is where talking about your different options with a trusted insurance agent at Jensen-Sundquist in Grantsburg will help you find the best coverage for exactly what you need. 

The same goes with optional equipment. If it did not come standard from the manufacturer, your custom seat or chrome finish may or may not be covered. Knowing your bike and knowing exactly what you are paying for is vital when you sit down with your insurance agent to discuss coverage. 

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