In St. Croix Falls, the adventure of outdoor activities makes owning a vehicle, recreational vehicle, or watercraft part of the local lifestyle. Protecting these assets is essential due to the unpredictable nature of accidents, weather-related damage, and thefts. At Jensen-Sundquist Insurance, we provide comprehensive insurance to meet the needs of our St. Croix Falls community.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a necessity for any vehicle owner. It protects against financial losses from accidents, theft, or damage. With the roads of St. Croix Falls being as diverse as its landscapes, having reliable auto insurance guarantees peace of mind whether you’re commuting daily or exploring scenic routes. Jensen-Sundquist Insurance offers policies that cover property damage, liability, and medical costs, ensuring you and your vehicle are protected.

RV Insurance

The freedom to explore with an RV comes with the responsibility to protect it. RV insurance addresses the unique needs of recreational vehicles, covering everything from physical damage and theft to liability issues. Given the natural beauty of St. Croix Falls and the popularity of RVing in the area, having the right insurance coverage is crucial. Our policies at Jensen-Sundquist fit the specific needs of RV owners, providing both property and liability coverage.

Watercraft and Boat Insurance

The waterways near St. Croix Falls offer unparalleled enjoyment but also pose risks. Watercraft and boat insurance is designed to reduce these risks, covering damages, theft, and liability. If you enjoy leisurely boat rides or thrilling water sports, our insurance solutions ensure you can enjoy the water confidently. Jensen-Sundquist Insurance offers policies that include bodily injury, property damage, and theft coverage, specialized to the needs of boat and personal watercraft owners. 

Why Choose Jensen-Sundquist Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance is about more than meeting legal requirements; it’s about ensuring your lifestyle in St. Croix Falls is protected. Jensen-Sundquist Insurance understands the local community’s needs and offers customized insurance solutions for auto, RV, and watercraft owners. Our experienced agents are here to help you find the coverage that fits your budget and provides the protection you need.

For those living in or exploring St. Croix Falls, Jensen-Sundquist Insurance is your partner in protecting the vehicles that improve your life. Whether you’re on the road, exploring the countryside in your RV, or enjoying the waterways, our insurance solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your peace of mind in St. Croix Falls.

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